Stop sprinkling and washing so much. South Florida is getting dry.

On Thursday, South Florida water managers issued a water shortage warning, asking more than 8 million residents from Orlando to Key West to follow lawn-watering rules and conserve water. If the shortage persists, South Florida Water Management District officials say the agency may consider mandatory restrictions.

“The purpose of this warning is to urge South Florida families to voluntarily conserve more water,” board chairman Dan O’Keefe said in a statement. “This effort will help your water supply last through the remainder of the dry season.”

Source: Miami Herald

This is the earth wobble in action once again, moving the air masses in irregular directions as the Earth tilts daily in its dance with the sun and Planet X. Many places around the world are either suffering from intense drought or intense flooding. In fact, this corroborates with the flooding seen in Peru recently. The irony is that this is happening in South Florida, where the famed Everglades are located. One wouldn’t think a drought could happen in this location, considering the typical humidity and frequent thunderstorm activity of the area. However, with the earth wobble such randomness is to be expected.