Temperatures across northern India, including the capital New Delhi, are set to soar well above 100°F (37.8°C) through the weekend and into next week thanks to a pre-monsoon heat wave that has set in somewhat earlier than normal.

Such heat waves are expected to become both more common and more intense as the world warms from the continued buildup of heat-trapping greenhouse gases, in India and elsewhere, posing a threat to public health. Studies have suggested that India will be a particular hotspot for populations stressed by the combination of extreme heat and humidity.

Heat waves in recent years and the high number of deaths associated with them have served as wake-up calls for several Indian cities, prompting them to institute “heat-action plans” to better warn their citizens of the potential impacts of extreme heat.

Heat waves typically set in across India during the period from April to June, before the cooling monsoon rains arrive. But the heat this year began a bit earlier than normal, with New Delhi recording it hottest March in seven years, Steven Bowen, director of impact forecasting at the reinsurance company Aon Benfield, said.

A few spots in the western state of Gujarat had their hottest temperatures ever recorded in April, all at or above 112°F (44.6°C) on April 13.

“Parts of India have seen anomalously warm conditions for the last couple of weeks, which is a bit earlier than normal,” Bowen said.

That heat waves will become more common and more intense is one of the clearest outcomes of human-driven global warming. As average temperatures rise, the heat waves that act on top of them become hotter and hotter and it becomes easier to reach those extreme temperatures.

Source: Climate Central

That claim about man-made global warming is a lie which is a part of the cover-up over Planet X. Most of climate change is not man made at all but is caused by Planet X’s influence over the Earth. This heat wave is another sign of the daily Earth Wobble and the weather patterns it creates.