Planet X Central

News about Planet X and subsequent Earth Changes


Planet X Central was founded on April 14, 2017 by Nicholas Audette, a long time researcher on the history of Planet X and the phenomena it causes on the Earth. This website is designed to provide viewers the truth as to the causes of the ongoing Earth Changes in regards to erratic weather, increased earthquakes and loud bangs, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and subsequent explosions and electrical failures plus much more. The presence of Planet X is becoming more and more obvious in our day to day lives and awakening the populace is the goal of PX Central.

Many that have grown up in western societies may find this information hard to digest. In a world where money is king and chasing the latest gadget or line of clothes takes up people’s time, the very idea of a planet 4 times as large as Earth creating destructive Earth Changes can be unsettling and even unbelievable. The comforts of society make it all too easy to deny what is seen in front of our eyes. This site is also designed to help the reader overcome this denial and face the facts for themselves. However, while this can help, overcoming denial comes down to each individual reader as each must make the choice for themselves.

This site takes material from news aggregates and pairs this with known dynamics of the Earth Changes as presented on ZetaTalk and on the Pole Shift Ning. These news posts are then analyzed and an explanation given as to the cause of the event in terms for the layman. PX Central also allows readers to post comments to articles, and discuss with each other the content of said articles.